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CampusPrint Frequently Asked Questions

What is CampusPrint?

CampusPrint is a managed print program for Vanderbilt University's fleet of multifunction (copy/print/scan/fax) devices.  With CampusPrint, you’ll be able to send your print jobs to a universal queue, and then release them at whichever device is most convenient to you by tapping your VU ID card.  Rather than thinking of “my printer” or “my department’s copier,” the focus is on your print jobs, which can be released from any multi-function device bearing the CampusPrint logo.


Why is Vanderbilt adopting a managed print program?

Currently, Vanderbilt departments have a variety of printers and copiers, from different manufacturers and leasing arrangements with different suppliers. 

  • Pricing:  By standardizing equipment and funneling our purchases through a single supplier, we are able to negotiate favorable pricing. 
  • Technology:  Having a standard fleet is easier to secure and support from a technology perspective and incorporates planned replacement cycles to take advantage of technology improvements.
  • Sustainability:  CampusPrint supports Vanderbilt’s sustainability values by utilizing energy-efficient equipment, encouraging cost efficient and sustainable printing practices.  We’re all familiar with abandoned printouts on the copiers in our areas – CampusPrint helps prevent this and your center is not charged if you send an item to the queue but do not release it.
  • Efficiency and Convenience:  “Print anywhere” technology allows for secure printing and release from any device on the CampusPrint network, including mobile devices.  Because paper and ink are included in the per-page print costs and replenished automatically, there is no need to order these supplies.
  • Fiscal responsibility:  Each year, Vanderbilt spends thousands of dollars on printer toner cartridges, many of which sit on shelves in office supply closets. With CampusPrint, supplies are included with the lease and are replenished as needed, with no need to carry toner inventory.  Print output can be monitored and optimized and use ongoing process improvements.
  • End of SmartPrint program:  The SmartPrint program, which is administered by VUMC, will be phased out for University departments as copiers come to the end of their lease.


You’re taking away my printer?!  How will I print confidential documents?

Print jobs are only released when you tap your ID card at a CampusPrint device. 


How will billing work?

Each VU employee is associated with a default Oracle COA string, which will be charged for each printout. The cost per page will be $.07 for black/white and $.14 for color prints (11x17 prints will be charged as 2 pages). This charge is all inclusive – there are no additional monthly charges for printing devices, standard white paper, or staples.


What if I need to be able to utilize different COA strings for different print jobs?

Not a problem. As long as you have purchasing privileges on a given COA string, our team can program multiple options for you to charge.  You even have the ability to create a 'friendly name' for display on the copier/printer screen.


My department needs to be able to print on multiple sizes of paper – can the CampusPrint device closest to our area accommodate this?

Yes, a critical part of the selection of a fleet device involves consulting the departments in the closest proximity to the device on their printing needs.


When is CampusPrint coming my way?

The Division of Administration was the pilot group for the rollout, beginning with the departments that moved as a result of the VU/VUMC separation.  As existing multi-function devices reach the end of their respective leases, additional departments will enter into the program.  Due to the size and complexity of our fleet, understand that this is a multi-year project.  If your department would like to learn more about CampusPrint, please contact the CampusPrint team at


What happens to my old printer?

The disposal of old printers will be coordinated through the Sustainability and Environmental Management Office. Printers will be disposed securely, all data destroyed, and components will be recycled as much as possible.